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Get Naked Banff!

Immerse Yourself in Nature


July 23rd, 2022


Weather Alternate: Sunday, July 24, 2022

Lake Louise, Alberta
Banff National Park

1 pm - 5 pm

Join us for a fantastic opportunity to connect with nature!

Fully clothing optional. Wear whatever you wish or nothing at all.

Naked frisbee1.jpg

Get in on the best game of naked Frisbee ever played in the history of Canada and on the best playing field in the national park system!

Every participant will be using the park as an individual park user. Please bring everything you need to enjoy your day.

Pack it in, pack it out, leave no trace.

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About Get Naked Banff!

Created to reconnect Canadians with nature and inspired by Naked Hiking Day, GET NAKED BANFF! strives to bring unique and amazing opportunities to Canadians who prefer to enjoy nature the most natural way. What better place than the crown jewel of Canada's national park system?


GET NAKED BANFF! promotes nude recreation by openly hosting clothing-optional recreational activities in amazingly beautiful locations. Skinny dipping is empowering, natural, and practiced by countless Canadians every single year. It's a completely normal form of recreation, its boring to watch, and we don't believe it needs to be hidden away in undesirable swimming holes. 

GET NAKED BANFF! was created to facilitate unique experiences for the average Canadian -- the casual skinny dipper. We don't consider skinny dipping to be any more of "a lifestyle" than going to see a movie or

however all our activities are fully clothing optional. We appreciate when clothed people enjoy their day with us because we can demonstrate that all people can co-exist, regardless of how much they are wearing. We empower the individual to make the decision that is best for themselves to wear as much or as little as they wish. Anyone not offended by the human body is welcome to enjoy their day with us.

Please bring everything you need for the day, including water, food, sunblock, towels, etc., and please pack out all your trash. This is a leave no trace activity.


participating in a local bowling league. We promote skinny dipping,

GET NAKED BANFF! welcomes humans of all body types, sizes, sexualities, genders, and anybody unoffended by the human body.

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Is this for real?!?


But is this legal?


That's a very good question, and the answer is complicated and relies on A LOT of case law. The TL:DR version is that we do not host illegal activities.

Did you just dodge the last question about legality?

A little bit, but only because the full answer is somewhat complicated and boring. The most factually correct answer is "it depends".

Case law really does define what is legal and what is not, and a lot of the court findings are made on a conglomeration of factors rather than lone metrics. This activity has been crafted to follow case law as closely as possible. 

Given our past experiences, we believe enforcement action to be incredibly unlikely. We believe that being asked to get dressed is the most likely type of enforcement action to occur, with arrests happening only for extenuating circumstances that threaten the public peace.


GET NAKED BANFF! continues to engage with the relevant Parks Canada authorities to ensure the success of this activity.


It is fair for us to make known that Parks Canada has not endorsed this activity, and we make no suggestion that they have. Individual park users do not need administrative approval to enjoy Banff National Park.


What if someone is offended by nudity?

Park regulations guarantee everyone's right to peaceful enjoyment of the park. We assert that we also have a right to peaceful enjoyment of the park, and any person confronting us would be violating that park regulation. It is our experience that this is the correct interpretation.

Regardless of our interpretation and past experiences, if getting dressed deescalates a potentially volatile situation, then that is what we will do. We will continue to enjoy our day because Banff truly is an amazing place to visit.

One thing we should all be able to agree on is that one of the best parts of our legal system is that being offended is not what determines what is legal.


That said, in any situation in which we believe there to be a threat to human safety, or in the unlikely event that our peaceful enjoyment of the park is being interfered with, we will involve local law enforcement. We have the utmost confidence that park authorities are 100% capable of enforcing the law as well as applicable park regulations.


What if I'm not comfortable getting naked with clothed people around?

Wear as much as you wish. You are still welcome to join us and hang out with us. You are welcome to enjoy being part of this amazing experience in any way you choose. We don't shun people for having slightly different comfort levels than us. 

What if the police show up and ask us to get dressed?

Dog backpack2c_edited.jpg

We will follow all requests by authorities. We will follow up with park administration to minimize any such occurrences in the future. Most importantly, we will continue to enjoy our experience, even if we have to wear clothes. 




Overflow Parking: Please plan on using the overflow parking lot and taking the shuttle to Lake Louise. The parking lot at Lake Louise fills up quite early in the day, long before it'll be warm enough for us. This year, the overflow parking is at the Lake Louise ski resort. You must pick up your shuttle tickets from the ski resort before boarding the shuttle.

Book Your Shuttle Ride: Please plan ahead and book your shuttle ride in advance.

Get Naked at Lake Louise: Take the foot path along the north side of the lake to the silt flat at the back side of Lake Louise. Be sure to stay next to the lake and not take any uphill trails. The hike is about 2 km each way from the Fairmont with very little elevation change.

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